Children who have ability or abilities beyond the large majority of the children in the school and who
consequently require more challenging teaching and opportunities.  Their potential will be shown
in any or all of a wide range of contexts such as different learning styles, creativity or leadership.

(Dorset LEA Policy for Very Able and Gifted Children, Feb 2003)

All schools are required to identify their able, gifted and talented children and ensure that their needs
are met through supplementing the curriculum with additional opportunities and enrichment activities.
Since the demise of the National Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth (NAGTY) a few years ago,
these students are now often referred to as being "more able".
I currently offer a selection of enrichment courses at Kilve Court and The Charterhouse Centre

 in Somerset, Braeside Education Centre in Wiltshire and Leeson House in Dorset.